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When I visited the Oxygenate medium Hyperbaric chamber for the first time, I had a 4cm rounded wound in my right foot. During the first 3 sessions, I could see my wound changing colours and starting to heal. After the 11th session the wound had completely healed. Thank you for helping me.

James, Sandton - Wound

We started Oxygenate Medium Hyperbaric Therapy with our almost two year old son who suffered a brain injury at birth. Before he would just stare in one direction with little movement. 8 sessions in he became more aware of his surroundings, then more limb movement and he started tracking people, reaching for objects and he started laughing at something funny on tv. It has really had amazing results for Ewan. 

Anonymous - Cerebral Palsy

I am Trevor, I am 75 years old. I suffered from ischemic stroke by the end of 2012. When I regained consciousness at the hospital, my Doctor referred me to Hyperbaric chamber for my recovery. I did around 25 sessions which helped restore my mobility. 

Trevor - Stroke

My name is Martin, I'm an architect and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 55. The tremors had become worse and worse until I discovered Oxygenate.


Unfortunately Parkinson's is not curable but it makes my tremors decrease or even disappear for weeks, allowing me live a normal life. It is important to advertise the benefits of this therapy, since it is not very widespread. Personally, it changed my life.

Martin, Midrand - Parkinson

Both Martin and I are massive fans of the chamber and have seen great results / benefits from using it regularly - I started off the year with a bang running massive PBs, and it’s also been instrumental in helping both us with injury recovery since March. We’ve also experienced great service at Wanderers - all thanks to Nono.  

Franci Myburgh - Sports Recovery

I am so thrilled to be able to recover effectively and efficiently with the help of the Revitalair Medical Hyperbaric Chamber.

Just over a year ago I used the Hyperbaric chamber to help recover from a broken collarbone, and witnessed great results.

Now, with a race against time and a debilitating knee injury, I knew I had one option - the Hyperbaric chamber from Oxygenate. 

With a initial recovery period of 12 weeks, I now am on track to being back in action at 8 weeks. 

Thanks to everyone at Oxygenate for the help, it has made a massive difference.


Lyle Hewitson - Ankle Injury

Every athlete needs to keep reinventing himself to stay at the top, in my case it was really making sure that my body could perform at it it's highest.

Oxygenate medium Hyperbaric therapy has really assisted in developing my body into the machine it needs to be through optimal recovery.

Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellen, Douglasdale - Professional Athelete

Our Doctor Recommended us Oxygenate treatment. Maria started with a first set of 10 sessions. As her dad, I noticed much more eye contact, and evident improvement in her attention and muscle tone. What's more, the Hyperbaric Chamber stimulates her immunologic system, preventing fever and colds."

Gaston P. - Autism

Due to an unforeseen, overnight  “life changing” event,  I went from being in the Corporate Business World, to a full time car giver.

Since then I have been suffering from severe fatigue, headaches, anxiety  and inability to sleep.

After 3 sessions of Hyperbaric chamber therapy I immediately began to feel the full extent of the results.


·         Improved sleep

·         Relief from headaches

·         Improved concentration levels

·         Clarity in thinking

·         Feeling refreshed

·         Improved skin tone

·        A wonderful sense of well being

The chamber is situated in a very friendly and relaxed environment.  The therapy last for 1 hour and one can either read a book, make use of your ipad ,  send sms’s or take even take a “nap”.

I can highly recommend this amazing therapy and am already on my 9th session.

It’s a small investment for wonderful, immediate results.

I am definitely continuing with this therapy.

Vanesa Lester- Headache, fatigue and Anxiety

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