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Pain Management

Managing pain is one of the most important tasks we always seem to avoid.

Less pain equals more productivity. 

Take a look below at some of our rules for avoiding pain.


Headaches tend to come and go, but constant pain is never something to live with. Studies show that headaches are caused by increases in normal blood flow to certain brain areas. Oxygen therapy increases the oxygen count in the brain and reduces the cerebral blood flow back to normal, more comfortable levels. This increase in oxygen levels often leads to relief from headaches.


Migraines disrupt our entire lives when they take hold. Studies show that migraines are caused by disruptions in normal blood flow to the brain and therefor fluctuates oxygen levels. Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen available, ensuring that blood oxygen levels don't fall too much, and aids in reducing headaches and migraines.


1 in 3 adults will go through depression in their lifetime. This leads to a host of feelings and emotions that can wear us down over time and cloud our outlook on life. Oxygen therapy was found to have a similarly effective result as Psychotherapy when treating patients with depression and anxiety.

Insomnia can be one of the most frustrating conditions to shake off. Oxygen therapy has been found in studies to relax the mind and body, putting it in a better state to fall asleep and benefit from deeper sleep. Our chamber serves as a great place to receive higher levels of Oxygen and also to sleep at the same time.


Over worked and under rested is commonplace in today's world. Studies show that Oxygen therapy improves energy levels and aids in achieving deeper sleep. This is important to those suffering from feelings of fatigue. By being able to rest more and improve our body's energy producing systems, fatigue can be overcome.

General advice for managing pain

Enough Sleep


This is the most important part of managing pain. Your body recovers at its best during good amounts of sleep and rest.

Make sure you're getting to bed before 11pm and aiming for 7-8 good hours.

Physical Rehabilitation

30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, 3 times a week is enough for the majority of health benefits. Find something you enjoy and invest in your health - the best investment you can make.

Healthy Diet

Biokinetics, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage. Any of these three can relieve tension and stress locked up in the body. Coupling this with mindful activities can switch off the stress tap.

Avoiding sugars, highly processed foods and anything that doesn't feel healthy is the best advice we can provide. A healthy diet and optimum hydration levels leads to lower levels of stress and greater energy levels.

Side effects of pain

Low energy


Aches & pains

Chest pain

Rapid heartbeat


Frequent colds

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