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How It Works

Our chamber operates without too much effort. Here is some information to explain how the medium Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber works.

Airsep Oxygen Feed

Our Oxygen concentrator provides +- 90% oxygenated air depending on flow rate. This ensures that optimum levels of oxygen reach the cells and tissues.

Oxygen In The Body

Oxygen keeps us alive. If we are able to raise the amount of oxygen we have available in the body to optimum levels, we create an environment primed for health and healing.


A simple compressor works to keep the chamber pressurised at a constant flow rate. Another safety extra is that the compressor gave out before the chamber did during extreme testing.

Why Pressurize

Simply put, if you pressurise a gas (Oxygen) enough, it will turn into a liquid. By adding pressure into our system, we catalyse the Oxygen and your body can use it that much faster and efficiently.

The Door

Patented and simple. The door of the chamber fits into place easily and uses the pressure inside of the chamber to seal itself. No clips or zips, this setup is fail proof and simple.

Frequent Use

We recommend frequent use of our chamber. By stacking up sessions, your body remains in the primed state for longer and therefor improves the effectiveness of medium Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


Simple & Safe

The safety of our clients and the products ease of use is paramount to the service offering we provide.

The Door

Our chamber features handles both on the outside and inside of the door. This means that both the opperator and the patient can open and close the door. The chamber is so easy to use that our operators put themselves in and out of the chamber without any help.

Dual valves

Dual, two way valves are situated conveniently for both the operator or the patient to open and close the valves. These valves regulate wether the chamber is pressurising, or how fast it is pressurising. If at any time the patient would like to get out of the chamber, they can simply open the valves and depressurise.

Safety Valves

To maintain an atmospheric pressure of 1,4ATM, two spring loaded valves are situated on top of the chamber. These stop the chamber from over-pressurising and works as exhaust ports to circulate the air inside of the chamber. New, clean air is pumped in every second and old air exits the chamber through these safety valves.

The Locking Mechanism

Our chamber uses a patented door locking mechanism that is simple and reliable. It seals itself as the chamber gains pressure and has a life time warranty.

The Mask

By receiving oxygen through a mask, we ensure that the oxygen levels inside the chamber never exceeds normal atmospheric levels. This allows users to safely use electronic devices without the risk of fire. If the chamber itself was pumped full of oxygen, risk levels would be much higher.

The Chamber's Material

A blend of material and resin creates a super strong material that can withstand high pressures. Our chamber has been tested to more than double the pressure it operates at and had no problems.

Technology Friendly

Scared you'll be bored in the chamber? Bring along your devices and rest assured you'll have something to do.

Phone & Tablet

Bring your phone or tablet along and catch up on whatever social obligations you have. WhatsApp or Netflix.

—Pngtree—mobile phone mock up with_5837505.png


Need work done or emails answered? Bring your office with you. Your laptop will be right at home in the chamber.



Bring along your earphones and listen to any music you want. Headphones or in-ear, they're all welcome in the chamber.

—Pngtree—rhino modeling monitor headphones_5966706.png
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