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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy assists with Oxygen Saturation in blood & cells, Increased cerebral blood flow, Collagen Synthesis, Stem Cell increase and Improved Immunity

Oxygen Saturation
Cerebral blood flow
Stem Cell Synthesis
Collagen Synthesis
Improved Immunity
Oxygen Saturation

Increased Oxygen availability (90%) and increased pressure (1,4 ATA) results in an Oxygen saturation 800% higher than breathing normal air and normal pressure.

Stem Cell Synthesis

Hyperoxia stimulates differentiation and release of stem cells, contributing to tissue repair process and formation of new blood vessels.

Cerebral Blood flow

Greater Oxygen availability in the brain contributes to reduced inflammation and leads to a greater Oxygen absorption at cellular level, improving treatment and rehabilitation for patients who have suffered from strokes, brain paralysis, autism spectrum disorders and neurological diseases.

Collagen Synthesis

Hyperoxia stimulates collagen synthesis and fibroblasts proliferation, which are the cells that produce collagen, the key substance for wound healing and tissue repair process.

Improved Immunity

White blood cells use free radicals as an anti-bacterial mechanism. Oxygen improves this mechanism.

More advice for anti-ageing and wellness

Enough Sleep

Exercise & Fitness

Your beauty sleep is of paramount importance. Your body recovers at its best during good amounts of sleep and rest.

Make sure you're getting to bed before 11pm and aiming for 7-8 good hours.

Exercise promotes blood flow and the stimulation of good hormones. This leads to healthier skin and cells. Kick start the anti ageing effect by working up a sweat and moving your body.

Water & Hydration

Healthy diet

We're comprised of about 60% water. Without it, our skin and cells struggle to rejuvenate and look and feel their best. Hydrate properly and plump your cells with life.

We are what we eat and sugars, processed food and unhealthy choices affect our anti ageing mechanism in a bad way. Focus on fresh, healthy whole foods and your skin will thank you.

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